Monday, 10 March 2014

The Bird Nest

The Bird Nest Tom woke up and turned on the lamp. He pushed the sheet and Woollen rugs off himself and staggered to the Window, which was partly open. He looked up to see a full moon and there, in the moonlight, sitting on a nest in a massive gum tree, was a mother bird and her noisy baby chicks. The nest, made from twigs, straw, wool and dead grass, was swaying wildly from side to side. As it did so, the mother bird tried to calm her frightened young ones by chirping softly to them.

1. Write the Words which tell us that it was cold. Was swaying Wildly.
2. Write the word which tells us that the birds lived in a large tree. Massive
3. The nest was made from wool, twigs, wood and dead grass True OR False
4. Write the word from the story which tells us the noise that birds make. Chirping
5. Write the word from the story which tells us that Tom was not fully awake when he went to the window. Staggered 6. Why were the baby chicks noisy? Because the wind was blowing there nest side to side and they were frightened 7. Was it Windy outside Tom's house? Yes 8. How do you know? Because it says in the story 9. It was very dark when Tom looked out the window True OR False 10. What were Tom‘s rugs made from? Wool 11. Tom had to get out of bed to turn on his lamp True OR False

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