Monday, 24 March 2014

Kayaking at Camp !!!

Last week on Wednesday we started the year 5 and 6 camp. There were many of
activities but my favourite was kayaking. It was really fun and everyone in my team enjoyed it, my team was called caretakers and I was one of the leaders.

When it was time for our final activity we had to walk down to the reserve to get ready for kayaking. As soon as we arrived we learnt how to be safe in the kayak, we also learnt how to get in and out of it to. It was funny because Isara and Rocky had to show us how to get in but instead of getting i  n they fell in.

Then Mr Burt told us to get a life jacket on and get into the water with the kayak. It was hard putting on the life jacket but Isara helped me. When I got in I paddle to the left because there were boundaries on the right.

It was awesome everyone enjoyed it, some of us fell out and into the water. We had races and splashed each other we even got to swim after we had finished. When we were racing I won I was racing Henry I enjoy every single bit of it.Then I was time to go back to the Marque to get ready for dinner I was really tired after that.

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  1. I love your recount Collin, especially how you painted the picture of your two instructors (fancy showing you how to get in the kayak and falling in). Thanks.


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