Thursday, 3 July 2014

Money Land Board Game

Instructions For Money Land:

Be the first player to complete a whole round.

Put the 2 decks of cards down on the center of the board. Pick a game piece to play with. Only have 4 people playing then you're ready to play.

1 gameboard
4 plastic playing pieces
2 decks of 24 each

How to Play:
Youngest player goes first. Players take turns rolling dice. There must be 2 decks of cards in the center of the board 1 deck is bad 1 deck is good. A player must land on something like a Green Question mark to pick up a good card. When the player reads the card it should say something like you have won 1.000 dollars go up 5 spaces then the player that picked up a card has to put it under the deck of cards she or he got it from. The players turn continues 1 more time. If the next player lands on a question mark that is red they have to pick up a bad card it will say something like you have lost 100 dollars go to jail then you pay the bank and go to jail.

The player who has spent all their money first.

Other things:
Land on a Gb2 Means to go back 2 spaces, Land on Gf5 then go forward 5 spaces Land on a Golden Money sign then you get $1.000 and get to roll one more time. Land on a green question mark then you pick up a special card, land on a red question mark then pay the bank 100 dollars and then pick up a Chance card. Every player starts with $2.000.  If you land on a buy a car then you can choose to buy it and go forward 4 more spaces. Land on JOB then  you have to miss your next turn because you have to work. There are also many things like buy a house and buy a ferrari you should buy it because the first person to spend their money will win.

Restart New Game:
Take everything of the board then take 20.000 dollars out of the bank and then put the game pieces back to the start

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