Sunday, 7 September 2014

Being late to Prize Giving

On Saturday me and my family had to go to my Rugby league prize giving but we got there really late.

"Collin hurry up and get in the car" my mum said "coming I'm just tying my shoes laces" I replied. 

After I got in the car we drove past a small mountain then around the round about and then straight across G.I shops. 

Next we went to Eden park to drop of my older sister Jay'lee because she had training for her Auckland REP team.

Then I fell asleep and had a little dream about me dancing in front of my whole 

class and I won a contest I was just about to get my trophy when we went  over speed bump and I woke up.

Soon later we arrived at the G.I East Tamaki Care Centre. We went 

there to take my little brother Cullai to get his 6 weeks injection.

 After it was finished the time was 11: 45 and we only had 15 minutes to get to 

prize giving but then I said "I'm hungry"then my mum said to my dad " we
need to get him a sausage roll or something to fill him up.

So then we went to get a sausage roll for me at the bakery and next we  headed straight for 
the Mount  Wellington club.

As soon as we got there I rushed in and saw that my team was getting there 

awards and so I just waited and waited until 2 of my best friends Taimana and 
Stevenson spotted me and told our  manager Andy.

Then Andy saw me and said into the microphone "oh we have we have a 

late comer, Collin please come up on the stage and get your award 
then I quickly ran up to collected my M and Ms and my new trophy shape 
like a rugby ball.

At the end I got to eat steak, veggies, tiny sausages, potatoes salad and lots 
of coleslaw. It was really yum, next  we ate dessert which  was Ice cream  with cake it was really fun!!!

Thank you Mum and Dad for taking 

me to prize giving.  

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  1. Sounds like you just made it. What team were you collecting the award with?


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