Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Storyline Poetry

Cathrine Mayo:
She is a Children's and Young Adults Author
Her novels include blood, battles, treachery, murder and mystery.
She has 4 Books called The Bow, Murder at Mykenai, The Greeks bronze age and her last book is called Background.
She likes to write about Greek Myths
Also she was born here in New Zealand.

Paula Green:
 Well In extension we have been learning about storyline poetry so Mrs Telea chose two people who are performing in the storyline and she chose Cathrine Mayo and Paula Green I am going to tell you about Paula green first

She has written five collections of poetry
Also she has been awarded the University of Auckland Literary Fellowship in 2005
She has also been a judge for the Secondary School Poetry
She has 6 books called cookhouse, chrome, crosswind, flamingo bendalingo, 99 ways into New Zealand and Slip Stream.
She is a poet.

Cathrine Mayo's Website

Next week we are going to the Storyline tours

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