Sunday, 21 September 2014

Protecting our Kaimoana

Agree or Disagree
Read the journal - Protecting our Kaimoana
Complete this agree or disagree activity based on what the author thinks.
Would the author Agree or Disagree
Page number and paragraph
New Zealand's number of undersea creatures is decreasing.
“I saw that the undersea creatures were steadily disappearing”
Page 1
Paragraph 1
If people keep being greedy, then we could run out of Kaimoana in our oceans.
Some people are taking too much to often.

There are no rules about the size or number you can take when collecting Kaimoana.
Maybe these people think that the coast is like a magic fridge that will always stay full.
Page 1
You need a permit to collect more than what you need for yourself.
Anyone can come to me and get a permit, but before they take the seafood, they have to get a special permit.

M.A.F. cannot search your catch.
The warrant I carry from M.A.F gives me the power to check out people who I think are taking kaimoana and search the bags.

You can sell what you catch as long as you don’t charge too much.
That’s illegal unless you have a special license.

You are not allowed to catch Paua on Scuba gear.
Some divers use scuba gear to take paua. That’s strictly illegal, because it’s very easy to clear an area like that.

What do you think?
Complete this Agree or Disagree activity based on what you think!

Do you agree or Disagree
Explain why you agree or disagree
There is no need for Fisheries officers, people should be able to get how ever much Kaimona they need.
Because there won’t be
enough for the people in the future
No one should be allowed to catch their own Kaimona. People should only be able to get them from the shops.
Maybe some people love fishing for Kaimona it’s like a hobby for them

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